Functional Contacts

The Functional Contact entity is used to create a contact and assign them to a Functional Role. A Functional Role may have multiple Functional Contacts and a Functional Contact may have multiple Functional Roles. The relationship between a role and a contact is housed in the Functional Contact.

Functional Contact

Functional Role









In the example above, more than one person appears in the same Functional Role and the user Gunnar, belongs to more than one Functional Role.

How to Create Functional Contacts:

  • Go to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management App --> Others --> Functional Contacts --> Click on ‘+New’.

  • Enter the following details in the below fields:

    • Name: The name of the Functional Contact generated by the system made up of the Contact concatenated with the Functional Role and Account.

    • Customer: Identifies the Customer associated with the Functional Contact. The Customer can be an Account or a Contact. When using Account, this is typically the Account to which the Contact belongs.

    • Functional Role: Identifies the Functional Role to which this contact is linked.

    • Contact: Identifies the Contact associated with the account that is selected in Customer.

  • Click on Save.

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