Link Preferences

In Link Preferences, you will get the data synchronization of records between the two systems based on the enabled features.

In Classic Web:

In Unified Interface:

CRM To QuickBooks: CRM to QuickBooks synchronization when you would like to move Dynamics 365 CRM records to QuickBooks using InoLink.

QuickBooks To CRM: Check QuickBooks to CRM synchronization when you would like to move records from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 CRM using InoLink.

In Active Link Preferences you will get the records generated for all the features that are enabled to sync the data between the systems i.e. Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks and QuickBooks to CRM.

Each record shows the every detail of the enabled feature for selected Entity along with direction, auto create missing customer, deadlock win, name matching criteria, priority, Accounting company, primary contact sync and last processed date.

You can select each record and drill down to see the further details of each enabled feature.

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