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  • Compatible with dual pricing modes – Subscription Management Mode & Recurring Billing Mode
  • Provision to create multiple pricing plans and add-ons that customers can choose from
  • Support for different Pricing models with different currencies
  • Provision to calculate subscription charges on pro-rata basis
  • Supports end to end management of respective customer’s subscription cycle
  • Supports revenue analysis through comprehensive dashboards
  • Keep track of trial period for various subscriptions or extend trials as per customer requirements
  • Set up Delayed Charge Schedules for penalty calculation on overdue invoices
  • Set up Margin Details to give your partners or resellers a percentage margin on every sale happened through them
  • Schedule automatic reminders to notify customers about due payments
  • Schedule automatic reminder to send email on generation of Invoices/Orders to respective customers
  • Schedule automatic reminders to notify customers and user (subscription schedule owner) about subscription renewals
  • Flexibility to define the set of people who should be receiving Billing emails or who should be receiving emails about overdue payment, etc.
  • Create specific Tax Schedules and Tax Details to calculate taxes for OOB entities
  • Seamless integration with AvaTax from Avalara for tax calculations
Last modified 1yr ago