Auto-Attach the Plan to Record

Plans defined by the manager will automatically get attached to the records as per the matched criteria. And whenever a new record will be created in the chosen record type the set plan for it will automatically get connected to the newly created record.

Below is an example:

  • Suppose the manager has created a plan for lead nurturing for the lead entity, where the criteria are set as lead source as "Web".

  • Navigate to Sales Hub --> Go to Leads --> Create a New Lead with source as Web.

  • So, whenever the lead is created with the lead source as “Web” then the lead nurturing plan will get attached to that lead record.

Miscellaneous Features:

  • The action can be completed by clicking on the Checkbox.

  • Users can be able to skip the plan step instead of performing it.

  • The user can check the progress and number of completed steps count.

  • Users can mark plan steps as favorites by clicking on the icon shown below. Once marked as favorites, users can see them in the Important Items View.

Note: In the same way, you can unmark to remove favorite plan steps from the Important Items view.

  • Users can view the due date against each open-plan step. The due date can be changed as per the requirements. due date is the date on which the plan step is set to be performed.

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