An add-on is an extension that adds extra features to the Parent product. It may extend certain functions, add new items to the product, or give the product additional capabilities.

How to add new Add-Ons to the Product:

  • Navigate to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management app --> Products --> Select a product.

  • Navigate to the Add-Ons subgrid on the form.

  • Click on the ‘New Add-On’ button.

  • Enter necessary details in the required fields --> Click on Save.

    • Name: Give appropriate name to the Add-On or the name gets auto populated on select of the Add-On Product.

    • Parent Product: Pre-populated with the product with which you are associating the Add-On.

    • Add-On Product: Select the product. Only those products get listed in the lookup for which the Add-On field is set to Yes.

    • Charge Type: Will be carried over from the selected Add-On Product.

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