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What's New!

Version - 2020-08-20


  • Monitor Dynamics CRM users actions
  • Track OOB and Custom Entities records
  • Define monitoring period for Entities
  • Define users to be monitored
  • Define Entities and Associated Actions
  • Track Usage: Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Dashboard reporting per Entity/ Action/ Period
  • Dashboard reporting per User/ Period
  • User Adoption report creation
  • Monitor usage without disrupting on-going activity
  • Track user Log-in & Log-out details
  • Track amount of time spent by the user on particular Entity records
  • Track and monitor CRM access of users
  • Track and monitor aggregate value of user actions related to particular Entity
  • Track and monitor target value allotted to users
  • Track and ensure the completeness of an entity record
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Last modified 11mo ago