Message Rich Text

This provision allows users to create more interactive messages by doing all kinds of text formatting, adding links and images, etc., to make their alerts and notifications more descriptive and engaging.

Message Rich Text field supports the following text formatting options:

  • Change font style and size, bold text, italic text.

  • Underline text, strikethrough text, add background color, text color.

  • Insert bullets and numbered lists, decrease or increase the indent and add quotation marks.

  • Add links, images, tables in messages.

Once the alert is created, the message will be displayed in the notifications.


  • If both Message Text and Message Rich Text fields are filled, then preference will be given to Message Rich Text when displaying the notification.

  • Message Rich Text cannot be displayed as a bar in a form notification.

  • To add Message Rich Text in Event-Based Alerts you need to create messages text before creating the workflow using "Message Texts" of Alerts4Dynamics App.

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