License Activation

The first and foremost step after installing solution is License Activation.

Here are the steps to activate InoLink license.

  • Navigate to Settings --> InoLink Group --> License Registration.

  • Enter the Details: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Website and Main Phone --> Click on ACTIVATE.

  • Notification Details: This section is optional. Purpose of having this is if product license for some reason expired then someone should get a notification about it so they will take appropriate action. In the notification section user needs to provide the notification details.

    From i.e. Sender (self) from whom the mail is to be sent to notify the license issue message.

    To i.e. receiver to whom the mail is to be sent to notify the license issue.

    Notify To Inogic: There is also the option available to notify Inogic. After the user selects this option the account of Inogic will be created at the user’s end. This contact will be used to send notification email.

    Notification interval is to set the duration for getting the notification based on various intervals i.e. once a day, once a week or once a month.

If you want to purchase or extend the trial, click on SEND REQUEST --> Enter all details --> Click again on SEND REQUEST and send the email to Inogic.

Alternate method to complete License Activation

License Registration using (*.lic) file is the option for the users for whom the automated process of activating the license (ACTIVATE button) within the CRM doesn’t work. In that case, we provide the license file which user needs to extract and select in Choose file option and click on Register.

After activating the license, set the InoLink Settings to configure the required features and enable the services.

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