Tax Details

The Tax Detail entity is used to create details around your taxes such as percentage to calculate. The Tax Details are then assigned to Tax Schedules. You may have one Tax Detail assigned to multiple Tax Schedules and a Tax Schedule may contain multiple Tax Details.

To create a Tax Detail, follow the same steps as described in Tax Schedule:

  1. Navigate to Dynamics 365 --> Auto Tax Calculator --> Tax Schedules.

  2. Create a new Tax Schedule or open an existing Tax Schedule.

  3. Click on ‘Add Existing Tax Detail’ to create or add details of tax to the Tax Schedule.

  4. Select existing ‘Tax Detail’ --> click on ‘Add’ or Click on ‘+ New Record’ to create new Tax Detail.

  5. Next, click on ‘Tax Details’.

  6. A dialog box will appear. Here, click on OK.

  7. Enter the required fields and any other necessary fields.

    a. Tax Detail Name: Descriptive name of the Tax Detail. This field is required.

    b. Tax Number: A number or description to describe the Tax Detail.

    c. Tax Percent: Defines the percent of tax to be calculated when this Tax Detail is used.

  8. Click on Save.

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