Subfolder Structure

With the subfolder structure feature, existing folders and files in SharePoint can be conveniently duplicated or replicated by simply configuring the path of the main folder in the Entity configuration.

This feature is highly versatile and can be used in various scenarios:

  • Policy and Document Management: Create a folder with subfolders containing different documents such as policies, product assets, terms and conditions, and more. This ensures organized and efficient document management.

  • Onboarding New Customers or Team Members: An executive can easily duplicate a structured folder in SharePoint for newly onboarded customers or new team members. This can include a sheet of Points of Contact (POCs), training materials, and other essential documents.

The possibilities are endless, providing a streamlined approach to managing and replicating folder structures and their contents within SharePoint.

Note: This feature is applicable when the document location is created in the CRM, this gets created in the following ways – Attach2Dynamics UI, Real-time, Bulk Migration Job, Auto-create folder structure, documents, or files tab.


To replicate folders and files in SharePoint using the subfolder structure feature, follow these steps:

Navigate to SharePoint Security Sync’s Entity Configuration:

  • Go to Entity Configuration and select Account.

• Open the Create Custom Folder Structure tab. Here, you will find the Subfolder Template Path field.

Set the Subfolder Template Path:

  • Copy the title of the main folder you want to replicate by default.

  • Paste the folder title inside the Subfolder Template Path field.

  • Click Save to save the configuration.

Example Using Attach2Dynamics UI:

  • When the user clicks on Attach2Dynamics, a document location is created in the background.

  • The configuration then creates a copy of the files and folders inside the configured folder

  • As shown in the screenshot, folders, and files are replicated by default.

  • This link redirects to the replicated SharePoint Folder.

This process ensures that the folder structure, along with its contents, is conveniently duplicated in SharePoint.

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