'Not Renewed' Subscriptions

Once the subscription period is completed, the customers will either renew the subscription or will cancel it. If the customers don’t renew the subscriptions, then the next step is to mark that completed subscription as ‘Not Renewed’. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Not Renewed’ button available on ribbon. You can access this button at the following levels:

  • On Subscription Schedule Home View – Here, you can mark multiple schedules as ‘Not Renewed’ at once. Just select the schedules and click on ‘Not Renewed’ button.

  • On Subscription Schedule Form – Here, you can mark a particular schedule as ‘Not Renewed’. Just open the subscription schedule and click on the ‘Not Renewed’ button on the form ribbon.

  • On Subscription Line Form – If there are multiple products in a schedule and the customer has not renewed subscription for one particular product, then you can select that product and click on ‘Not Renewed’ button to mark that subscription line as churned.


  • The Subscription Schedules with status reason as 'Completed' will only get marked as 'Not Renewed'.

  • On Subscription Line the 'Not Renewed' button is only visible if the status reason of the record is 'Closed'.

  • Marking completed Subscription schedules as ‘Not Renewed’ is mandatory to calculate the Churn rate accurately.

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