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Entity Configuration

Enabling Entity Configuration is essential to create and manage Alerts for any Entity.
Given below are the steps to enable Entity Configuration in Alerts4Dynamics:
  • Navigate to Alerts4Dynamics App --> License Registration --> Enable Entity Configuration.
  • Select required entities from Available Entities --> Click on 'Forward' button to move them to Selected Entities.
  • Click on Save icon to enable Entity Configuration for these selected entities.
  • Similarly, you can disable Entity Configuration for any of the entities. Here, we will disable 'Product' entity.
  • Now the 'Product' entity is removed from 'Selected Entities' and can be seen in 'Available Entities' --> Click on Save icon.
Note: Users cannot create Entity Configurations. Nor can they enable and disable Entity Configurations for selected entities.
  • To view the Entity Configurations, go to Alerts4Dynamics App --> Entity Configurations where all the enabled Entity Configurations can be seen.
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Last modified 10mo ago