After license registration, there are some steps to be taken to ensure the smooth functioning of the Gamifics365 app. This includes setting a time zone for the flow and activating it to ensure that all the games created in Gamifics365 start and end on time.

To set the time zone and activate the flow, follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to Solutions.

  • Select Gamifics365 solution --> Go to Cloud flows.

  • Select 'Gamifics365 Schedule and End Games' flow --> Click on 'Edit'.

  • Click on the first step 'Run every Day at 00.01 AM' --> Click on 'Edit'.

  • Now, click on 'Show advanced options'.

  • Select the preferable time zone from the dropdown.

  • Next, click on the second step 'Initialize Time Zone' --> Add the appropriate time zone in the 'Value' field.

  • Click on 'Save'.

  • Now go back to 'Gamifics365 Schedule and End Games' flow --> Click on 'Turn On' to activate the flow.

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