Generate Reminders

You can send reminder emails for the Invoices/Orders due. The reminder emails get sent referring the Reminder Rules associated to the Reminder Schedule which is associated to the Invoice/Order which is carried over from the associated Subscription Schedule.

You can either automate the process by creating workflow trigger record which we shall see in the workflow trigger section or go by the ad-hoc way of sending the reminder i.e., by manually running the on demand workflow on the Invoice or Order.

The workflow on Invoice is named 'SM - Generate Reminders for Invoices'.

The workflow on Order is named 'SM - Generate Reminders for Orders'.

To run the workflow kindly follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to Subscription and Recurring Billing Management App --> Invoices/Orders --> Open the record of an Invoice/Order.

  • Go to Ribbon bar --> Click on Flow.

  • Click on ‘SM - Generate Reminders for Invoices’ workflow if you are on Invoice record, Or Click on ‘SM - Generate Reminders for Orders’ workflow if you are on Order record.

  • A dialog box will appear --> Click on OK.

  • The workflow is now triggered and an email shall be generated shortly which can be seen in the timeline under the Details tab on the respective form.

Note: These workflows stay in draft state which the user needs to activate after importing the solution.

How to activate the workflow:

  • Click on the Gear icon.

  • Open Advanced Settings.

  • Navigate to Settings --> Process.

  • In the Search box type reminder’.

  • Select and open the workflow – ‘SM - Generate Reminders for Invoices’.

  • Click on the ‘Set properties’ of the Document template.

  • Click on Save & Close.

  • Click on Activate Button.

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