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Users are given the provision to use the features of DocuSign to electronically sign documents/attachments stored in SharePoint. Once the DocuSign option is enabled, the DocuSign button will be displayed on Attach2Dynamics UI. Users can now select a document and use the ‘Get Signature’ functionality or ‘Sign Document’ feature by clicking on the respective button.
To download the DocuSign solution, kindly click here.
Note: To use this feature both DocuSign solution and SharePoint Security Sync solution must be installed.
Note : The entity for which you want to use the DocuSign feature should be enabled for notes.
After Clicking on the button, a Pop-up will open containing the selected document.
Users can switch to Full screen/default screen mode using the highlighted icon in the below screenshot.
Note: It may take time to load the DocuSign UI.
For further queries, reach out to us at [email protected]
Last modified 4mo ago