Set up fields to copy

To set up fields to copy, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Attribute/Relationship to Clone section --> Attributes -->Select the fields from the attributes list that you would like to copy --> Click on Save.

  • If the attribute list does not populate/load or remains blank then refresh the grid by clicking 'Refresh' and proceed with selection of fields.


In CRM, when you create a new Work Order, the unique work order number will be auto-populated. This ensures that no two work orders have the same number.

So, during the cloning process of the Work Order entity, choosing the "msdyn_name" field from the attribute list results in the creation of a cloned copy with the same work order number as the original, and hence it gives the error “The work order number must be unique.”

Furthermore, the "msdyn_name" field depends on the "msdyn_autonumbering" field to generate a work order number. Therefore, it is essential to uncheck this field as well.

So, while cloning the Work Order entity, if these two fields, i.e., "msdyn_name" and "msdyn_autonumbering," are not selected, then a cloned copy of the work order will be generated with a new work order number.

Apart from the above-mentioned two fields, the user can select other fields from the attribute list for a new cloned copy of the work order.

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