Assignment Configuration
In order to assign records for OOB and custom entities, Assignment Configuration for that entity needs to be enabled.
To enable Assignment Configuration follow the steps given below:
  • Navigate to Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation App --> License Registration --> Enable Assignment Configuration.
Note: To enable assignment configuration it is necessary to enable Queue for OOB entities. Also, keep ''Automatically move records....or assigned" box unchecked.
  • Select the entities from the list of Available Entities --> Move them to the list Selected Entities.
  • Click on Save.
  • At any time you can disable the Assignment Configuration for a particular Entity by removing the entity from Selected Entities list.
  • You can see Appointment has been removed from Selected Entities grid and is now again available in Available Entities grid. Click on Save in order to retain these settings.
  • To view the Assignment Configurations go to Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation
    App --> Assignment Configurations where all the enabled Assignment Configurations can be viewed.
Last modified 5mo ago
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