Set Players

Gamers create their own unique ID and nickname for playing games on virtual platforms. A similar provision is made by Gamifics365 for Dynamics365 CRM users. Here, you can create your own unique gaming profile for playing games. You can also set your availability status for playing games. And depending upon the availability of players (users), you can plan ahead and create engaging games for your respective team members (subordinates).

To set player (user) profile, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Gamifics365 app --> Administration --> Users.

  • Select User --> Go to Gamifics365 tab --> Fill information in the required fields and click on Save.

    • Available for Gamifics365: Select Yes to participate in games.

    • Player Name: Give an alias.

    • Avatar: Upload any picture of your liking.

For further queries, reach out to us at

You are now ready to participate in games.

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