IFRAME Configuration

It is possible to add Attach2Dynamics tab embedded in Entity record page directly without having to open it from the Ribbon Button. Here are the steps on how to create embedded tab in the Form of a particular Entity.

  • Go to Settings --> Customizations --> Customize the System. A Default solution will open.

  • Now on the left pane go to Components --> Entities.

  • Expand the Entity drop down --> Select Forms for the Entity you want to create embedded tab for.

  • Under the Active Forms select any Name for which Form Type is Main.

  • The Forms window will open --> Go to Insert tab --> Insert One Column Tab anywhere on the form framework.

  • Go to Home --> Click on Change Properties.

  • A tab Properties Window will be opened --> Enter name in Name and Label --> Click on OK.

  • Go to Insert tab --> click on Web Resource.

  • In Web resource field enter ikl_/Attach2Dynamics/Library/index.html --> Enter name in Name and Label --> Scroll down and check the Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters box --> Click on OK.

  • Go to Home --> Click on Save and Publish.

  • Now navigate to Entity (for which you have configured the Form) and open a record--> Scroll down and you can see your desired tab embedded in the page.

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