Follow the steps given below to configure the Dropbox connector:
Navigate to Attach2Dynamics app --> Connectors--> Click on New --> Fill the following details.
  • Name: Give name to the connector.
  • Connector Type: Choose Dropbox from the drop-down.
  • Default connector: If required, enable the checkbox to set Dropbox_1 as default connector.
Note: The user has to create new app for each new Dropbox connector.

Now to get the Id/Secret for Dropbox follow the steps given below:

  • Go to www.dropbox.com and enter your login credentials for Dropbox. After you are logged in you will land on the ‘Home Page.’ At the bottom right corner of the screen click on the ‘Points of Ellipsis (the three dots)’ and then select Developers from the view.
  • Now, click on My apps on the list in left. If you have already created an app click on the ‘app icon’. You will be redirected to the App’s home page. Scroll down and you will find App Key and App Secret. If you don’t have an app click on Create App. From Choose an API click on Dropbox API button.
  • In Choose the type of access you need select Full Dropbox.
  • Name your app – Here enter the name of the app you are going to create. Check ‘agree to terms’ and click on Create App button. After clicking on Create App button you will be redirected to home page of the created app. Select your App Key and App Secret from here.
  • Enter these credentials in the ‘New Connector’ Credentials. After you enter the Password/Secret (Dropbox App Secret) it immediately gets encrypted as shown below.
  • The user can give access of this workspace created in Dropbox cloud storage to their team members if necessary. Go to WorkSpace field and select Team. After selecting Team another field will appear termed Team Folder. Give name to the team folder.
  • The below folder will appear outside App folder.
  • If the WorkSpace field is set as Personal then the files and folders will be stored inside App folder.
  • Next the redirect URL in connector page needs to be added in the Dropbox App as in below screenshot. This URL is mentioned on the Connector entity.
  • Copy this URL and paste it in the App on Dropbox as shown below:
  • After entering the link click on 'Add'. This step must not be skipped.
  • Once the Connector record is created the connector credentials need to be authenticated. To authenticate the connector, click on the Authenticate button on the command bar.
This button is visible only to users with System Administration or Attach2Dynamics Administrator role.
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