Sync CRM Accounts, Contacts & Products to QuickBooks

To sync Dynamics 365 CRM records to QuickBooks, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open record you want to sync with QuickBooks. For example, open Account from Dynamics 365 CRM. You will find the 'Promote' button in the ribbon bar as shown below:

  • Once you click on this button, the Link Status will be updated to 'To be Linked' as shown in the below screenshot:

  • In the background this will initiate a Link Job to be processed by the service to move the update from CRM to QuickBooks.

  • A link Job for this account with Link status set as 'Queued' as shown in the below image will be created.

  • Similarly, you can schedule jobs for Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks update for Contact, Product, Quote and Invoice.

  • To unlink a record so that updates are not taken over from one system to the other, you need to click on the UnLink button in the ribbon bar.

  • Clicking on this button will change the Link Status on the record to Unlinked as shown in the below image:

  • This button is only available on records that are already integrated with QuickBooks.

  • Ensure the feature is enabled using the InoLink Settings Tool. Go to InoLink Settings --> Check for the required feature in Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks synchronization.

  • If the job was successfully processed the Link Job status is updated to Success. If there was an error in processing the job request, it would be updated to Error and the error description would be available in the Error Description field on the Link Job.

  • When Link job is processed successfully, the Account Link status is updated to 'Linked'. In case of an error, it is set to 'Error'.

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