Grant Access to All Sites

To grant users access to all sites, follow the steps given below:

In order to know how to generate an ID and Password/Secret for App click here. After you have generated the ID and Password enter them in the fields provided.

After you have generated the ID and Password enter them in the fields provided.

Once the record is saved, click on the Authenticate Button.

Note: This button is visible only to users with System Administration or Attach2Dynamics Administrator roles.

  • A Pop-up window will appear. Fill in your credentials and then a confirmation Pop-up will be opened.

  • In the Pop-up, please select Consent on behalf of your organization --> Click on the Accept button.

  • After clicking on the Accept button if the credentials are correct then you will get a Success message window.

  • If Connector authentication fails, then the following error pop-up will appear:

  • For Example: Now if any logged-in user uploads or performs any attachment action on files in SharePoint, their name will appear for the action. Let’s upload a few files and see how it works.

Note: To use Attach2Dynamics UI, Entity Configuration is required. (LINK HERE)

  • Navigate to a desired ‘Entity’ e.g. Accounts Entity.

  • Click on the required Account Record.

  • Now Click on the ‘Attach2Dynamics’ Button.

  • Click on the ‘Upload’ Button.

  • Now your ‘Files’ will be uploaded on SharePoint.

Here the name of the admin appears when they are logged in and have uploaded the file.

Now let’s take another use-case when a user, who is not an admin uploads a file. James is a Sales Manager who does not have admin rights. Now he uploads the files while being logged in, and his name appears as the user uploading the file.

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