License Activation

Before using the solution, it is important to complete the process of License Activation.
Here are the steps to activate Alerts4Dynamics license.
  • Navigate to Dynamics 365 --> Alerts4Dynamics app.
  • Go to License Registration.
Enter the Details: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Email, Website and Main Phone --> Click on ACTIVATE.
If you want to purchase or extend the trial, click on SEND REQUEST --> Enter all details --> Click again on SEND REQUEST and send the email to Inogic.

Alternate method to complete License Activation

Here are the steps to complete registration through the ‘License Registration using (*.lic) file’ section.
  • Request .lic file from Inogic --> Save file --> Go to Alerts4Dynamics app --> License Registration --> Click Choose File to locate the file with the extension .lic
  • Select the file --> Click Open.
  • Click on Register to complete the License Registration.
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