Install from Website

Kanban Board can be installed from our website in two different ways as shown below:

Using Power Apps UI

To import the solution from, download the Kanban Board solution from our website. Then follow the steps as shown below:

  • Sign in to Power Apps. After signing in, select the instance on which you want to install the solution.

  • From the left navigation, click on Solutions as shown below.

  • Click on Import on the command bar.

  • On the Import a solution page, select Browse to locate the previously downloaded compressed (.zip) file that contains the solution.

  • Select Next.

  • Then click on Import.

  • Your solution will get imported. To check the status of the installation, refresh the page.

Using Classic UI

For the installation of Kanban Board solution, download the solution from the Website and then import the managed solution to your CRM environment.

Follow the steps to import and install Kanban Board solution.

For importing and installing the Kanban Board solution in your Dynamics 365 CRM navigate to Advanced Settings.

Go to Settings → Solutions

Click on Import button.

You can now browse and upload your solution for importing.

Check Enable any SDK message processing steps included in the solution and click on Import.

The solution will be imported in your environment.

Now, if you want to upgrade the solution to its latest version or reinstall the same solution, then you will get the following dialog box. Here, select the highlighted 'Upgrade' point and the 'Overwrite customizations' point for installing the latest solution. And for reinstalling the same solution, just select the 'Overwrite customizations' point. Lastly, click on Import to start the installation process.

Once you are done installing the solution in your environment the next step would be to activate the license.

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