Clone single record

After setting up templates and selecting attributes/ relationships, the next step is to clone the record. In order to clone the record, follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate to Sales Hub --> Order entity --> Select and open the record to be cloned --> Click on Click2Clone button.

  • Once the cloning is done, the cloned copy will open immediately. Here, you can see prefix has been added to the cloned record and the copied related order line items.

  • Further, you can see the original record from which the copy is created in Source order field due to setting the source lookup reference on clone record.

  • In similar way to see Cloned order reference, click on the source record and it will be redirected to the original record where you will be able to see the clone record reference.

This is how target and source entity reference work which helps you to navigate within target and source records more efficiently.

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