Connect & Configure QuickBooks


Given below are the prerequisites required before adding single or multiple QuickBooks companies:
Before proceeding with the configuration of QuickBooks, you need to make sure about the following items: It is necessary to enter a redirect URI in QuickBooks which would allow the InoLink application to interact with QuickBooks without any interference. You need to copy the below link and paste it in QuickBooks
Given below are the steps to enter redirect URI in QuickBooks.
  • Step 1: Copy the above link.
  • Step 2: Open QuickBooks, login by visiting with admin credentials (full QuickBooks privileged user).
  • Step 3: Click on My Apps and select the app you have created.
If you don’t have existing App then click on Create New App as shown in the below screenshot:
After clicking on Create new app, a screen will open which would ask to create the type of app. Click on Select APIs, as shown below:
After clicking on Select APIs, a popup window will open to select the type of API. Click on Accounting checkbox --> Click on Create app, as shown below:
A. For OAuth 1.0
If your developer account has created apps before July 17, 2017, and any apps created by that account, including future apps and apps under development now, will use OAuth 1.0
Now click on Keys. Here you will find Production & Development keys. You will need the ‘OAuth Consumer Key’ and ‘OAuth Consumer Secret’ to link QuickBooks Online with InoLink.
Note: Use the keys you need.
B. For OAuth 2.0
Now click on Keys. Here you will find Production & Development keys. You will need the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ to link QuickBooks Online with InoLink.
  • Step 4: Click on Keys and scroll down to find Redirect URIs.
  • Step 5: Enter the redirect URI provided and click on Save button.
This will allow InoLink to interact with QuickBooks. Once you have all the pre-requisites set in place you are good to add and connect single and multiple companies. Then, you need to configure the QuickBooks connection as per your requirement in InoLink Settings. After clicking on QuickBooks option in Enable and connect to Dynamics 365 and QuickBooks system section in InoLink Settings you will get the window shown below:
Here, select the suitable details of the QuickBooks that are to be synced with the CRM system.
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