Specify related records

To copy related records, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Attribute/Relationships to Clone section --> Relationships --> Select relationship --> Click on Save.

This is nothing but a hierarchical (deep level) cloning. If there are no any related records, then user can skip over the relationship selection.

We are leaving this blank since we have not got any related records to clone from order line item.


  • When dealing with N:N (many-to-many) relationships, the original record is associated, and no copy or clone of it is generated. For example, let's say we have Account, Opportunity, and Quote.

    Account and Opportunity have a One-To-Many relationship → Opportunity and Quote have a Many-To-Many relationship.

    If we try to clone Account and Opportunity, they will get newly cloned records according to the child template configured, but the Quote will get directly associated as it has a Many-To-Many relationship with Opportunity. So if there is a child template of Quote, it will not check and will get directly associated with the parent, and same with further levels of cloning.

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