Classic Workflow

To enable automatic assignments on the update, follow the steps given below:

  • Create a workflow that will trigger on change of the field (e.g. Status Reason).

  • If required add condition to check and run assignment only if your criteria meets. For the demo purposed, we had used condition to check if Status Reason is Ready.

  • Get the GUID of the record: Add workflow assembly to get the GUID of the current record. Download and install Dynamics 365 Workflow Tools Solution managed solution in your environment. This managed solution provides assembly called ‘msdyncrmWorkflowTools: Get Record ID’ to get the GUID of the record.

  • You would need to pass the Record URL from current lead to Record URL parameter.

  • This step will return the GUID of the current lead record.

  • Call ‘Inogic.AddItemsToQueue’ action of Inogic --> Add ‘Perform Action’ step --> Select ‘Inogic.AddItemsToQueue’ action. This action is already available in the Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation solution.

  • Pass PrimaryEntityName and PriamryEntityID as Logical name of the entity e.g. lead, incident etc. and ‘GUID of the record return by the msdyncrmworkflow tools step’ respectively. This action will perform automatic assignment based on the Assignment Rules.

  • Save and Activate the workflow. The final workflow will look as below:

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