Set parameters to bind Relationships

After acquiring 'Relationship Schema Names', you are now ready to set parameters to bind Relationships.

Here are the steps for the same:

  • Click on 'Map My Relationships' text field --> Go to Controls --> Select Map My Relationships control.

  • Go to One to Many Relationships --> Click on edit button.

  • Select 'Bind to a static value' --> Enter the comma separated relationship schema name.

  • Repeat the procedure for other relationship fields.

  • Go to 'Allow Action?' --> Enter '0' for 'Yes' and '1' for 'No' (Default setting is always 'Yes' i.e. 0)

  • Select the device to display the control --> Click on OK.

  • Again click on text field --> Display --> Disable 'Display label on the form field' --> Click on OK.

  • Click on Save --> Click on Publish.

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