Prevent Duplicates while Creating or Updating Records using Power Automate Flow

Suppose you are setting up a Power Automate Flow for generating “New Account” records, and you want to find out if there are duplicate account records existing in your CRM system. Then, no worries, you can find duplicates using our action in Power Automate Flow.

Here’s how you can execute duplicate detection from Power Automate Flow. For the current scenario, we’re going to manually trigger the flow, but you can execute or trigger the same for all triggering stages of the flow.

Inside the manual trigger flow, you will have to add the following inputs and entity details:

EnityDetails: {"Attributes":{"name":"jamal"},"EntityId":"","PrimaryIdAttribute":"accountid"}
PrimaryEntity: “account” 
MatchingEntity: “account”

Now you will have to perform an unbound action, for which you will have to select the following action “ikl_InogicDeDupeDGetDuplicateRecordsCount” from the Action Name look-up and pass the following inputs:

PrimaryEntityDetails: EntityDetails

PrimaryEntityName: PrimaryEntity

MatchingEntityName: MatchingEntity

Once the action is executed, it will provide a count of duplicate records. If the record count is less than 1, then the flow will create a new record in the account entity.

Add your desired data inside the row for creating account records using Power Automate Flow.

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