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What's New!

Version - 2020-05-07


  • Offers the ability to clone system as well as custom entities
  • Easy to configure with the ability to select the fields that need to be cloned
  • Easy shortcuts for cloning in case of having multiple templates for a particular entity
  • Allows to carry over related records from 1:N and N:N custom relationships
  • Ability to clone records through workflow and also update values of the new cloned record further
  • Ability to configure Prefix & Suffix for cloned records
  • Hierarchical relationship cloning supported
  • Clone multiple records at a time
  • Set references of the source record on the cloned record and vice versa
  • Clone details along with relationships of the records from one entity to another entity
  • Copy only related records from another record
  • Set Rules to select records for cloning
  • Support to create multiple copies of any given record
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Last modified 1yr ago