Clean Up History Duplicate Records in Bulk

DeDupeD tool enables users to clean up historical duplicate records in bulk within Dynamics 365 CRM. Users can run a comprehensive duplicate merge process that identifies and merges multiple duplicate records based on set criteria. This ensures a clean and accurate data environment, and it is relatively more convenient to clean up a large number of duplicate records with the DeDupeD Tool, as it saves users the hassle of going to each record and identifying duplicates.

DeDupeD Tool Installation?

  • Download the DeDupeD tool from here.

  • After downloading the zip file, select and right-click on it, select properties, and if you got unblocked as shown in the image below, then check the checkbox. Extract the zip; the folder includes the setup and file. Please follow the steps in the file to install the tool.

  • Click on DeDupeD.msi to set up the tool.

  • Click on ‘Next’.

  • Click on ‘Next’.

  • Click on ‘Next’ to install DeDupeD Tool on your computer.

  • Click on ‘Close’.

  • Click ‘Next’ to install DeDupeDToolSetup on your computer.

• Click on ‘Close’.

  • Right click on DeDupeD Tool icon.

  • You'll now see a screen providing details about the DeDupeD tool. Simply click on 'Continue' to proceed.

  • Select deployment type as ‘Office 365’ and fill in the following details in the given fields-

    • Display list of available organizations: Enable the checkbox.

    • Online Region: Select the respective region.

    • Username: Add your CRM username.

    • Password: Add your CRM password.

  • After filling out all the details, click on ‘Login’.

For seamlessly Detecting and Merging (N) number of records in Bulk within Dynamics 365 CRM (On-Premises), choose the deployment type as 'On-Premises' and provide the required details in the designated fields.

  • Server: Add your Server IP Address.

  • Port: Add your Port Number.

  • Authentication Source: Select ‘Active Directory’.

  • User Name: Add your CRM username.

  • Password: Add your CRM password.

  • Domain: Add Server Domain Name.

  • After filling out all the details, click on ‘Login’.

  • Select your desired environment and click on ‘Login’.

DeDupeD Tool Functions

Once logged in, you will find details of all the configured entities. Select any one of the entities for which you want to find and clean up history duplicate records in bulk.

  • Now select the specific entity view for which you want to merge duplicate records.

  • Click on ‘Find Duplicates’.

  • DeDupeD tool will start scanning duplicates.

  • Now all the duplicate records for the selected entity will appear in a comprehensive view.

  • You can select specific duplicate groups to merge records leaving the rest of the records unaffected.

  • You can also select all the duplicate records groups for bulk merge at once with just one tick. Here we are going to select all the records in “All Leads” view for bulk Merge.

  • Click on the "Make Master" button to turn any subordinate record into a master record, depending on your data cleaning needs.

  • View a summary of all the duplicate records and duplicate record groups.

  • You can search for any duplicate record using the ‘Search Bar’.

  • You can export all the duplicates by clicking on ‘Export Duplicates’ button.

  • You can view more duplicates by clicking on ‘Next’ button.

  • To merge all the duplicate records, click on the ‘Merge’ button.

  • Click on 'Yes'.

  • The tool will merge all the history duplicate records successfully!

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