Azure Active Directory App

Please follow the below steps to create Azure Active Directory (AAD) app:

Step 1 – Login into Azure portal –

Step 2 – Click on Azure Active Directory.

Step 3 – Navigate to App registrations and then click on new registration.

Display name of app –

If you are going to use this app for Recurring Billing Manager then “Inogic_RecurringBillingManager”.

Redirect URI should be in below format –


Here CRMUrl is like “”. After filling these details click on register.

Step 4 – Now you need to give some permissions to app. So navigate to API permissions. Here you need to add permission for Dynamics CRM.

Please follow below screenshot for add permissions.

Adding Dynamics CRM permissions:

After adding permissions we need to Grant this by clicking Grant admin consent button.

Step 5 – Now we need to create secret key. For this, navigate to Certificate & secrets and create secret key.

Please copy/paste it somewhere because after some time it will disappears.

We are done with AAD app, now copy/paste your app id and secret key in connector in credentials section then you can authenticate it.

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