Enable Record Type

Enabling Record Type is essential for creating and managing plans in the Business Process Checklist App. Without enabling record types, you will not be able to create plans for specific records in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Below are the steps for enabling the Record Type for which the plan needs to be created in the Business Process Checklist App:

  • Navigate to Business Process Checklist App --> BPC Settings --> Add Record Type.

  • Select the required Record Type from the appearing menu to enable it.

  • Now your Enabled Record Types will appear below, along with Email, Phone Call & Task, which are the three default supported activities.

Note: Supported activities are activities through which tasks in the plan can be performed. For example, making a phone call to verify lead details in the lead nurturing plan.

  • Check or uncheck the supported activities as per business requirements.

  • If you want to disable any record type, you can delete it by clicking on the Delete icon.

  • Click Delete.

In this way, you can enable and disable record types.

Note: Users with the Business Process Checklist Administrator or Business Process Checklist User Security Role can't enable or disable record types.

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