Document Location

For a record, we can have multiple Document Locations within a SharePoint Site. With the help of Attach2Dynamics UI, you can select which folder (Document Location) you want to upload the file in an easy-to-use UI.
• To add multiple document locations for a record in Attach2Dynamics UI, follow the steps given below:
• Go to a record, e.g., (Account) and navigate to ‘Documents Tab’.
• Click on ‘Add Location’.
• Give this Document Location a ‘Display Name’ e.g., (Review Documents) and Click ‘Save’.
• Navigate to Attach2Dynamics UI.
• Now you will have multiple document locations where you can upload files using Attach2Dynamics UI.
• Go to newly added Document location.
• By clicking on ‘Open Folder’ icon, you can directly navigate to document location in the SharePoint site.
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