Connect to Dynamics 365 CRM

The next step after installing 'InoLink' is to connect the Dynamics 365 CRM system. After selecting the Dynamics 365 group you will get the following window shown below.

Here, you will get two options.

  • First, click on the Continue option. By doing this it will be redirected to Permission requested page. Accept the permissions to allow the app to use your data as specified in the company terms of service and privacy statement.

  • Once you accept this permission you will get Thank You page.

  • Now, click on Configure. The user will then get the success message as shown below:

  • Also, there is an option of Having Trouble using which you need to provide the User Name and Password in case the user is unable to configure the systems with normal procedure.

In case you are using IFD deployment then you need to provide the following details;

Domain Name – This is the section where user needs to provide the domain name of your CRM.

User Name/ Password – Enter the credentials of a Dynamics 365 CRM user that has appropriate permissions to read/write data to Dynamics 365 CRM.

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