Rule-Based Alert

In order to understand how this provision works let’s consider a scenario where user wants an alert to auto dismiss once the account record moves out of ‘My Active Accounts’ entity view.

Given below are the steps to configure workflow to auto-dismiss alerts:

  • Create a new alert of type ‘Rule Based’ and define the rule mode as ‘Simple’ with a view as ‘My Active Accounts’.

  • Add a message to this alert.

  • Set ‘Auto Dismissible’ as ‘Yes’.

  • Navigate to Accounts --> My Active Accounts --> Open any record. Here, an alert will be displayed as a Form dialog post opening the record and it will continue showing up as long as it satisfies the rule defined in the alert configuration i.e. ‘My Active Accounts’.

  • Now deactivate this account record so that it will move out of ‘My Active Accounts’ entity view.

  • Once deactivated, a record is moved from ‘My Active Accounts’ view to ‘Inactive Accounts’ which means it no more satisfies the rule (‘My Active Accounts’) defined in the alert configurations. As soon as this happens, the alert will be auto dismissed in about 5-10 seconds. So now, if we switch to ‘Inactive Accounts’ view and open the account record, you will no longer see an alert. (Note: It might take a while for an alert to get auto dismissed.)

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