1) Can we show connections in Map My Relationships control?

Yes, we can show connections in Map My Relationship control. You would need to configure the control by adding a appropriate 1:N relationship name.

2) Is it possible to show N:N related entity records in the Map My Relationships control?

Yes, it is possible. We can show 1:N, N:1 and N:N related records in the Map My Relationships control.

3) After importing the solution of Map My Relationships from website all the Processes of Map My Relationships is in a 'Draft/Deactivated' state. What to do?

Once the solution is imported, please follow the below steps to activate all the processes of Map My Relationships.

  • Click on the gear icon --> Select Advanced Settings.

  • Next, select Processes.

  • From 'All Process' View activate the process shown in the below screenshot:

4) Can I use Map My Relationships if I have only Power Apps environment and no Dynamics 365 CRM?

Map My Relationships works on dataverse and customer engagement environments. In PowerApps, it will only work for Model Driven Apps where we have entities. Also, Map My Relationships can be installed on an environment that does not have Dynamics 365 CRM subscription i.e. CDS environment.