Export Excel Template

Before you could leverage Export Excel Template feature, you need to create a CRM Report Template for an Excel Template. In case you have not already created, kindly follow the steps provided here.

Once a CRM Report Template is created, you can go to the respective entity for which the template has been created and start using Export Excel Template feature.

Given below are the steps that needs to be followed to export Excel Template.

  • Go to home page --> Click on Click2Export button.


  • For Excel Template, you need to click on button without selecting any record.

  • Button would only be visible if there are CRM Report Template for Excel Template created for the respective entity.

  • The following Click2Export UI will open.

Report Templates: This is where you will have to select the CRM Report Template for the Excel Template that you would want to export.

File Format: This is where you can select the format in which you would like to export your Excel Template. Currently, Excel Template can be exported in Excel format.

View: Here you need to select the view which you would want to export in an Excel. By defaullt, this will always be the view which user was on at the time of clicking Click2Export button.

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