Setting up User Adoption Configuration

Once the User Adoption Monitor solution is installed and activated, there is already a User Adoption Configuration record created for you. In case if the record is not created or you wish to update the existing record please follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Navigate to User Adoption Monitor App --> Configuration.

  • Click on (+ New) to create a new User Adoption Configuration record (if no record is already created) --> Fill values in the following fields.




Choose Yes, to enable system-wide flag for monitoring user actions. To disable system-wide monitoring set this flag as No.

Track Details

You can select either Yes or No. If you choose yes, it creates Tracking Details record otherwise, it won`t create Tracking Details record.


CRM URL to be used to generate record links in tracking information

Notify Failures

Click on the checkbox and fill email details which will appear below. Enabling this feature will send the user a daily email at 12:05 AM consisting the error logs if there are any failures at any point of time while using User Adoption Monitor.

Importance of Tracking Details

If you enable Track Details in User Adoption Configuration entity, then the tool will also store a link to the record on which the action was performed by the user.

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